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Synergy Glossary
Player Stats Glossary
Goalie Stats Glossary
Apple Sauce Player:5
Bombarded Player:5
Booming Shot Player:5
Buzzing Player:5
Distributor Player:5
Fly the Zone Player:5
Gladiator Player:5
Heart and Soul Player:5
Light the Lamp Player:5
Magician Player:5
Protector Player:5
Spark Player:5
Thief Player:5
Workhorse Player:5
Wingman Player:5
Well Rounded Player:5
OVR: Overall
aOVR: Adjusted Overall without Faceoffs, Durability, Fighting, Discipline.
DEK: Deking
HAE: Hand-Eye
PAS: Passing
PC: Puck Control
SSA: Slap Shot Accuracy
SSP: Slap Shot Power
WSA: Wrist Shot Accuracy
WSP: Wrist Shot Power
ACC: Acceleration
AGI: Agility
BAL: Balance
END: Endurance
SPD: Speed
DIS: Discipline
OAW: Offensive Awareness
DAW: Defensive Awareness
FO: Faceoffs
BLK: Shot Blocking
SCH: Stick Checking
AGR: Aggression
CHK: Checking
DUR: Durability
FS: Fighting Skill
STR: Strength
OVR: Overall
GH: Glove High
GL: Glove Low
5H: 5 Hole
SH: Stick High
SL: Stick Low
SR: Shot Recovery
AGG: Aggression
AGI: Agility
SPD: Speed
POS: Positioning
BA: Breakaway
VIS: Vision
PC: Poke Check
RBC: Rebound Control
PAS: Passing